Precast Creates Time Savings

by Formstress — 25/2/2021

One of the major advantages of Precast concrete is its time saver abilities. Rather than having to box out and pour complex and difficult dimensions on site, precast is delivered ready to install.

A recent civil infrastructure job Formstress have completed is the Puketutu Island Precast Valve Chamber for Fulton Hogan.

After extensive discussions with Fulton Hogan Ltd, the original plan was to cast a one-piece box with base.

Due to the need for water tightness, the idea of a precast box was suitable, but weighing 30T and being extremely difficult to maneuver on site created an issue.

A further thought process decided to split the box into U sections with penetrations allowed for and insitu connecting portions thus saving extensive time with onsite insitu pours and drilling and making the chamber maneuverable without the 30-ton weight problem

The Precast sections contained reinforcing, various penetrations, and a watertight bead on the seam where the insitu concrete would be poured.

Precast allows designs to be both functional and time saving while offering more possibilities than insitu concrete. 

Please pass on my appreciation to the team, when I came out for the pre-pour inspection, I was very impressed with their attention to detail and pride in their work – it’s a good team you have out there.

Everyone is very happy with the standard of finishing, thank you!

Dominic Wakeland, Project Engineer, Fulton Hogan Ltd