Formstress has a large range of precast concrete products.

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At Formstress, we use our patented stair system from Anystep Limited to produce most of our precast stairs. This ensures that our stairs are:

  • Produced to an extremely high finish.
  • Accurately made to our clients specifications.

Our precast stairs can be made with or without landings. Using our Anystep formwork, we can also adjust the angle on the stair risers to enable any tread projection (angle) required and the stair nosing comes complete with a rounded edge (rather than a sharp one).

Formstess Precast Stairs offer many advantages, including greater stiffness and fire resistance when compared to steel.

Formstress manufactures all configurations of Precast Stairs and treads – from a project requirement for a single flight to the 100 plus individual precast flights required for some high-rise construction.

Precast concrete stairs offer the following advantages:

  • Reduced on-site construction time.
  • An immediate working platform for the project when the unit is placed in its final location in the project.
  • Rebates for finishes like carpet can be accurately formed in the controlled factory manufacturing conditions.
  • A high standard of finish to all concrete surfaces.